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About us

Adirok is an online gift shop. We currently specialize in selling drinkware products such as Thermo flask and sports bottles, we also carry other products, such as tumblers and wine chillers. Our main brand at the moment is Corkcicle which is an exclusive American lifestyle brand. 

Products - Corckcicle is an exclusive American lifestyle brand founded in 2010 in Florida. Over the years, they have designed collections with an extensive choice of high quality cooling and warm thermos flasks, coffee and tea mugs, wine glasses and accessories. Corkcicle Canteens are BPA free and keeps your drinks hot for 12 hours & cold for 25 hours.

History - In January of 2021, while the Covid pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the world, adirok.com opened it's first E-commerce shop here in the Netherlands with the hope to help brighten people's day. If our stylish products are able to put a little smile on your face when you use them, then we are doing something right.

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